Wealthy Sugar Daddy & Sexy Sugar Baby

What is a Seeking Arrangement Sugar Daddy like?

How to identify a real Sugar Daddy from all the fake ones out there?

Let’s answer the second question first. How to identify the “fakes” who pretend to be super rich Sugar Daddies but are losers.

Fake Sugar Daddies have the following traits…

#1: He is too good to be true:If the person is too sweet, spoils you with super-expensive gifts, buys you a car, takes you abroad on a luxury cruise, then there must be something wrong. He might be in some trouble with the law soon. Be careful.

#2: He wants sex too soon:The Sugar Daddy cannot demand sex. Whether you have sex with him or not is entirely up to you. There is absolutely no pressure on you to have sex with the Sugar Daddy. But if the person insists on having sex even before he gets to know you well or tries to blackmail you into having sex with him bailout and report that person to us, so that we can take appropriate action against him.

#3: He is too romantic:Watch out for the ones that are far too romantic – they wish you good night before you go to bed, write poems for you and act like they are hopelessly in love with you. Real sugar daddies are far too professional and busy for this sort of behavior. They may like you and respect you, but they are not going to obsess over you.

#4: He cancels dates all the time:Maybe he is not what he is, and he is afraid that you’re going to find that out. That’s why he invents excuses and cancels almost every single date.

Right, so that’s how to identify a fake Sugar Daddy. Now let’s tell you how real and authentic Seeking Arrangement Sugar Daddies are like.

#1: He is rich: A real sugar daddy is rich. He is among the top 1% of the population in terms of net worth, which means he is a multimillionaire. He earns at least $225,000 every year. He may be an entrepreneur, real estate developer, or a highly placed business executive. He could be a top investment banker, lawyer, or doctor. He probably runs his own business and is a very busy man. Or perhaps he is retired after years of hard work and now wants to enjoy his wealth.

#2: He is a real gentleman:Sugar Daddies are true gentlemen in the way they treat a young lady such as yourself. They are not afraid to show their admiration for your youth and beauty, but at the same time, they are never desperate for sex or unnecessarily romantic. They are always respectful but never condescending. They are good listeners and happy to offer advice on your life and career choices. They are not too demanding of your time and expect you to meet them only once or twice a week. Remember Clark Gable in the movie “Gone With the Wind”? That’s the sort of gentlemen real Sugar Daddies are.

#3: He buys you expensive gifts:You shouldn’t expect the Sugar Daddy to pay you for dating him as that is not what Sugar Dating is about. Sugar Dating, please understand, is not prostitution, it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Sugar Daddy will take you to dinner to fancy restaurants, buy you gifts such as an expensive dress, luxury handbag, diamond earring or even a car if you date him for a few months.

He may provide you with a nice monthly allowance as well and help you out with your rent or college fees. But he never pays you in exchange for sex – that is not what a Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationship is about.

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